Units and Projects




Photography Terminology

The terminology page includes discussions, examples, and information on many photography terms. This page will help distinguish between a photograph and a snapshot. It will also show how to use the rule of thirds.

Photo Abstraction Project

The purpose of this project is to introduce students to the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. Students will explore filters, color changes, gradients, and the paint brush tools in order to abstract an ordinary photo into a unique abstract composition.


Quote Collage

For the Quote Collage project,students will begin to work with layers in Adobe Photoshop. Students will also learn how to change the transparency of layers, adding text, as well as burning and dodging. Students will also explore the concepts of weighting and balance. The project should reflect understanding of weighting and balance, and how the placement of objects affects a composition.

Elements of Art

This focuses on the Element of Art (line, color, shape, space, value, texture, and form) while also capturing a group of photographs that illustrate a theme. The photos will display concepts learned in previous units, while also building on the new concepts of Elements of Art and themes. Students will continue exploring Adobe Photoshop and use techniques to help their photographs display particular Element of Art. This unit consists of three parts:
1. 14 Elements of Art Photographs (edited and categorized by element).
2. Prezi Presentation, illustrating the 14 photographs.
3. An artwork (drawing, painting, etc.) created using one chosen element photograph for inspiration.


Magazine Advertisements

The magazine advertisement focuses on commercial arts and advertising. Advertising uses all the concepts that the students have learned up to this point with a particular purpose: to sell a product to a specific audience. Students will continue building on their knowledge of Adobe Photoshop as well.


Public Service Announcement

For this project, students will create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on a topic of their choice. They will create a short movie which combines their own photography and text which is meant to influence the viewer. Students will use Adobe Photoshop to edit their photographs, iMovie or MoveMaker to create and edit video, and Audacity to edit music.

Conceptual Art Posters

Conceptual explores how an artist can communicate ideas through images. Students will continue to explore Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn how text, images, music, and color can change the mood of an artwork. The final project should reflect your understanding of combining text and images to convey a message as well as how to convey the appropriate mood.

Principles & Portraits

This unit will focus on two major concepts: The Principles of Design and Portraits. Students will learn about the Principles of Design (emphasis, unity, contrast, movement, rhythm, balance, pattern), and explore how the principles can be used in photography. Students will also learn about take photographs of people. Students will learn about the advantages as well as the disadvantages, and how to get around some of the disadvantages. The project should reflect the Principles of Design and the concepts related to taking portrait photos.

Surreal Worlds

This project will be an adventure, discovering how to create Surreal Digital Worlds. This is the last unit, and therefore students will be expected to show everything they have learned in this last and final project. The digital worlds that students create should utilize all the techniques learned using Adobe Photoshop. It should also use the various photography concepts, such as the rule of thirds and weighting. Students should also remember to utilize the elements of art and principles of design.

Wiki Portfolios

Students will begin creating a wiki portfolio using wikispaces.com starting in about November. Students will build a wiki portfolio step by step. Students will learn about how to build a wiki, what a successful homepage should look like, how to design a successful personal logo, and how to write an artist statement. All of these concepts should be reflected in the final wiki portfolio.