What is Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation software that zooms in a featured elements. The creator can create a collage of sorts with images, text, and videos. Then, the creator can create a path from the various elements, creating a story or presentation for the viewer. There are several advantages for using Prezi. It is free and easy to use. You do not have to download anything to use it, and you can easily show how concepts or ideas related to each other.

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Tutorial Handouts

Creating a Prezi Account

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a Prezi account.
Video on setting up a Prezi account
The tutorial handouts describe how to do all the steps that the videos demonstrate. You can download and print the handouts. There are two formats, a Word document and a PDF file, both illustrating the same processes.

Beginning with Prezi

This video tutorial demonstrates how to begin creating your new Prezi. It begins with adding text. You will see how to add text, make it large or small, and how to rotate it. Then it discusses how to choose a theme and alter the theme. The last this video demonstrates is how to add frames.
Video on getting started in prezi

Continuing with Prezi

This video continues with adding elements to the prezi. You will see how to add images. The video shows how to change the size, orientation, as well as how to crop the images. It will also demonstrate how to add shapes and lines. Lastly, it shows you how to create the path for your presentation and view your final Prezi.
Video, continuing with Prezi

Sharing your Prezi

This video demonstrates the three options for sharing your Prezi with others.
Video on how to share your Prezi

Prezi Rubric

Teacher's Prezi Example